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New Super Viga 240000 Power Sexual Delay Spray For Men

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Compared to the past relationship that extends the use of this spray is due to the 100 are preferred.
Super retardant spray all natural. Tightening the skin of the penis, the penis does not have any side effects. In addition, the content of vitamin E.In this way ,the skin is protected.
NEW SUPER viga 240000 spray is recommended to use the appropriate does. Super viga retardant spray, and the effect of the amount of spin by the user himself must adjust the amount of your use.Nomally, the penis is sufficinet FIS.
NEW Super Viga 240000 spray desensitises the penis when sprayed to the head and works within 5 minues of being sprayed. Once used you can have sex for up to 10 times longer than previously. Known as stud spray due to your ability to keep going longer ans satisfy your lucky lady, giving her multiple orgasms.
Ingredients: P 100mg; lidocaine 12g; vitamine E 1g.
1.Apply 2 sprays to the head of penis 20 minutes before intercourse.
2.After 20 minutes apply 1 more spray and leave for further 10 minitues.
3. Wash the head of the penis thoroughly. Do not exceed 6 sprays. Always read instructions.
4. This product no side effect.
5.This product is world greatest medicine

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