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Best Hydromax Xtreme Bathmate Water Pump penis

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Advanced devices exist for just about every product on the market. Manufacturers understand that most products have a range of users, from novice to expert. The sexual enhancement industry is no exception, which means there are products out there for the penis pumping pros. One such product, the HydroMax Xtreme Series, caught our attention so hard that we decided to review the entire HydroMax lineup.

Having already tried out the brand’s and  collections, we obviously moved on to bigger and better things with the Xtreme. Although a quick dick pick-me-up is easy to find these days, discovering a device that offers permanent results is a diamond in the rough. All three of the HydroMax series promise lifelong enhancements, so we put them all to the test to find out if the manufacturer can actually stand behind their lofty claims.

Turns out, the BathMate nor the X-Series can hold a candle to the penis enlarging power of the Xtreme series which is, albeit, still not as remarkable as the FleshPump or the medical-grade Penomet. But despite its numerous flaws, which we will discuss later, the HydroMax Xtreme Series is a true contender among high-grade cock plumpers, especially considering it was designed using scientifically proven methods and supreme-quality materials. We won’t lie. We are whores for great manufacturing.

What Is the HydroMax Xtreme

If you’re read our reviews on the other HydroMax penis pumps in the new lineup (the BathMate and the X-Series), then you can probably guess what’s coming. The Xtreme version operates in the exact same way as the others, with the new and improved valve and everything. However, the Xtreme series features a number of add-ons that the others don’t have, not to mention it has four different models (as opposed to the other lineups, which only have two or three).

Basically, the HydroMax Xtreme series is a somewhat luxurious lineup of various sized penis pumps for advanced users. Each comes with extra accessories, and all are available in a variety of attractive colors (as long as “variety” means white). Like the Ford Motor Company of the penis pump world, the HydroMax brand has been making dick enlargers since the beginning of time, having pioneered the very first pump ever to be sold commercially. Such innovation can be seen in the sheer scale and design of the high-end Xtreme series, although the results are still slow to come for some.

Each of the different sizes are designed to accommodate the large penises of men who have done this a time or two. Since the HydroMax brand obviously feels like their products can do a better job than anything else on the market, they not only offer a 60-day money-back guarantee but their Xtreme version is supposed to improve penises that have yet to be perfectly plumped despite otherwise valiant efforts.

In other words, the HydroMax Xtreme Series is made for guys who want a little more, even if their dicks are already large and in charge. Not only that, but this version is designed specifically for dudes who work well under pressure. The amount of suction provided by this thing, even on the lowest setting, is not for the faint of heart. It will either stretch out your dick or it will kill you trying.

The Main Features :

The makers of the Xtreme series advertise that their most expensive and highest-quality penis pump will help men “unleash the beast” in their pants. They claim that the funk is in the features, which include things like a measuring gauge and detachable handball with a hose attachment for maximum pumping pleasure. This particular lineup features four different models: the XX20, XX30, XX40, and XX50, each of which is capable of imposing serious amounts of pressure on the shaft. As such, its features make the Xtreme series most suitable for experienced pumpers.

Unlike its brothers, the Xtreme series doesn’t look dorky at all. In fact, the combination of its subdued color, solid manufacturing, and much needed bells and whistles make it look like a high-tech, medical-grade implement. We wouldn’t mind getting caught using one is all we’re saying. We should note, however, that its elegant features also include soft and flexible gators which, like the other models in the lineup, seem rather large for men with short dicks. But what do we know?

  • The HydroMax Xtreme Penis Pump
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  • A handball pumper
  • A flexible hose to attach to the pumper
  • A detachable comfort pad
  • Some lube (what?!)
  • A shower strap
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